Nexus are Expanding to the Huon and Channel Region

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Image saying 'We're growing' with a photo of two Nexus clients, Hon Jacquie Petrusma MP, Nic Street MP, Nexus CEO Mark Jessop, and Stephen Jacques from the Huon Disability Support Network. They are standing in an orchard which is part of the new disability support in the Huon that Nexus is providing.

We can officially announce that we will soon be able to provide local support in the Huon and Channel region from our new office!

Our pilot program at the orchard in Franklin has gone well over the last six months. Clients were successfully supported by our Capacity Building team to learn pruning, picking and packing skills.

Along with our cleaning program, this will be part of our new social enterprise. The social enterprise will focus on giving clients the opportunity to gain skills to help them achieve their employment goals.

To support this, we will be opening an office in the region. The new office will also help us provide local support in the Huon and Channel region to people living with disability.

You can read further details in this great article from Huon News. The article also mentions the $50,000 election grant we received from the Liberal Party candidates, Jacquie Petrusma and Nic Street.