Our Executive Team

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Mark Jessop


Mark has had a commitment to supporting people to engage in their community since early in his career. As a psychologist he worked in employment services and supported people to enter award wage employment from ADEs.

Mark joined Nexus in 2013 and has overseen the growth in supported living services, and the development of new programs across all of our services.

In addition to the disability field, Mark has also managed youth justice services, child protection and a business consulting firm giving him a range of experiences that he brings to his role as CEO.




Adrian Scott

General Manager - Operations

Adrian is one of our longest serving staff members, having been with Nexus for over two decades. He started in direct care roles in 1999, then moved into roles in program management, systems development, human resources, and training.

In 2020 he was officially promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer, retitled General Manager – Operations, and has made a big impact in streamlining operating processes across the organisation to ensure that both our staff and clients are receiving the support they need.

Areas of professional interest:

  • Technology,
  • Systems development
  • Person-centred support

Areas of personal interest: training the next generation of fly fishers


Jackie Gregory

General Manager - Social Enterprise, Employment and Diversity (SEED)

Beck Bewley

Manager - Complex and Individualised Support

Beck joined Nexus in April 2019 to manage our newly created Complex and Individualised Support (NCIS) team. Beck brought to the team an ideal combination of extensive hands-on experience in the disability and community services sectors, and experience in senior management roles.

Areas of professional interest: ​

  • Supporting people, both clients and staff, to reach their personal goals by providing an open door policy
  • Identifying gaps in services and the opportunities that these bring
  • Continuous improvement – always looking at what could be done differently and sharing stories and learnings between team members

Areas of personal interest: 

  • Making homemade jams, chutneys and relishes from home grown produce
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Enjoying music and comedy movies


John Le Marie

Manager - Supported Living (SL)

John joined the Nexus team in 2018 as the Assistant Manager of Supported Living, and moved into the Manager role in April 2020. He has an extensive background in the disability field, specialising in Individualised Funding in both the Government and non-Government sectors.

Areas of professional interest:

  • Providing flexible and responsive supports
  • Promoting client rights
  • Streamlining and improving processes
  • Supporting staff skill development

Areas of personal interest: 

  • Travelling
  • Renovating his old house
  • Gardening


Catherine McNeice

Manager - Community Service

Catherine has had an outstanding career progression during her time at Nexus. She initially joined Nexus as a support worker with our Capacity Building team in 2015, she then became a Team Leader, Assistant Manager and is now Manager of Community Service.  Catherine brings with her a passion for building capacity, independence and employment opportunities for people living with disability.

Areas of professional interest:

  • Capacity building for people living with disability
  • Innovation
  • Networking with others in the industry
  • Creating a supportive team culture

Areas of personal interest:

  • Watercolour painting
  • Cooking
  • Creating an edible garden in her backyard