Jacquie Petrusma joins Nexus Board

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We are thrilled to welcome former Tasmanian Liberal MP Jacquie Petrusma to our Nexus Board.

Jacquie was elected to the Board on Monday evening. She brings over 12 years of State Government and Parliamentary experience. This includes time spent holding the Disability Services, Human Services and Community Development portfolios.  

“It is a real privilege and a great honour to be able to volunteer with an outstanding organisation that helps everyday Tasmanians live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives,” she said. 

“I myself have lived experience of disability, as I have severe hearing loss and a cochlear implant, so I am very passionate about giving back to this inspirational sector.” 

The Nexus volunteer Board oversees governance and strategy and has eight community members from different backgrounds.

Jacquie brings a diverse skillset to the Board. She trained as a nurse at Launceston General Hospital and worked in the regulation of aged care services.    

Jacquie was the Shadow Minister for Disability Services from 2010-2014 and the Minister for Disability Services from 2014-2019. She served Tasmanians living with disability for nine years.   

In her ministerial role, Jacquie was involved in the roll out of the NDIS in Tasmania. This gives her a unique perspective on the aspirations of people living with disability in Tasmania.    

“One of the biggest joys I had in being a member of Parliament was directly helping people and this is what I have missed the most since retiring from Parliament,” she said.  

“We are very pleased to have Jacquie join our Board. Her experience and compassion is well suited to the goals and mission of our Board,” Nexus Board Chair Marcus Pringle Jones said.