LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training with Working It Out  

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A group of Nexus staff members smile at the camera after attending an Inclusion Training session through LGBTIQ+ advocacy and education organisation Working It Out.

More than 80 Nexus staff recently had the opportunity to participate in LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Training with Working It Out. 

Working It Out is Tasmania’s sexuality, gender and intersex status support and education service.  

At Nexus, our vision is an inclusive community where everyone is safe, valued and respected.  
We are committed to supporting people to safely and positively express themselves regardless of their ability, gender, sexuality, faith or culture. 
So we were excited to be able to attend this specialised training and to embed this vision further into our practice.  
Staff enjoyed the training and particularly appreciated the focus on supporting people with disability who are part of the LGBTIQ+ community. 

Working It Out are renowned for their support and advocacy services, and their education and training programs provided to schools, workplaces, government and non-government organisations.