Nexus supports Autism National Assistance Card trial  

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Nexus are thrilled to support Autism Tasmania in their statewide trial of the National Assistance Card.  

Some of our managers were lucky enough to learn more about the card today when they received a presentation from guest speaker Rosie Mooney, who is the Program Manager of the National Assistance Card Service.

The card assists people with disability and health conditions, in both everyday and emergency situations. The Autism Tasmania trial is for Tasmanians living with autism.

The aim of the card is to provide key information about the individual, their disability and their specific needs in a variety of circumstances, so the people around them can help them if needed. 

The card is personalised to the individual’s needs and preferences and typically includes the following: 

  • First and last name 
  • Photo of choice 
  • Date of birth  
  • Nominated contact person’s details, and the cardholder can choose if this person is contacted 
  • Up to five areas of difficulty, chosen by the cardholder
  • A QR code providing access to additional information, chosen by the cardholder
  • The Police Assistance Line phone number.  

The card helps the individual to successfully access the community, feel more confident, and find the help they need in any given situation. 

For further information visit and Launch of National Assistance Card – Autism trial in Tasmania – Autism Tasmania