25 Years of Nexus, 25 Years of Supporting Tasmanians

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Formal dinner set up, a selection of round tables with guests looking toward the stage and two big screens welcoming everyone to the Nexus 25th Birthday event

We were thrilled to celebrate our 25th Birthday last month, bringing together clients, staff, stakeholders and other members of our Nexus community for a big celebration at Wrest Point.

“It’s great to have been able to take this opportunity to celebrate how we have grown to support so many more people to live independent lives over the years and to recognise the vital role our hard working staff play in making this happen – many of whom have been with us for a long time,” said Adrian Scott, our Chief Operating Officer.

One staff member recognised this year for 25 years at Nexus was Team Leader Lynne Triffitt who has been with Nexus since it began.

“I was with Southern Residential when they merged with Tagari Lia to become Nexus over 25 years ago – in fact some of the clients I started with are still at Nexus today!” Lynne said.

“Nexus has always been a champion of positive change over the years – not just for clients but for staff as well. Processes have had to change, particularly with the NDIS coming in, but these have always benefitted staff and clients in the long run,” she said.

“I’m very proud to have worked for so long at Nexus – it’s a rare thing these days to want to stay with an employer for so long,” Lynne said.

Congratulations to the following people who also received recognition awards this year:

5 Years
Anthony Bailey

Ira Bleakley

Kylie Briggs

Troy Briggs

Kyla Browning

Daniel Chevalier

CJ Coppleman

Virginia Davis

Andrew Freedland

Manoj Handique

Sally Harris

Kim hills 

Jessel Isidiro

Brad Johnson 

Tina Johnson 

Manpreet Kaur

John Le Marie

Samantha Little

Susan Lumsden

Yasmyn Nube

Stephen Palmer

Tammy Parker

Ally Richardson 

Mickayla Tonks

Cori-Lee Wade

Bianca Whitney

Glenn Woodhouse

Krystal Wooley

10 years

Indy Cassidy

Mark Jessop

Sean Thomson

Guido Tkalac

15 years

Gail Cartledge

Todd Faulkner

20 years

Danni Smith

25+ years

Daren Richards Lynne Triffitt Craig Vernon