Autism Capability Building Program Graduation

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At Nexus, we celebrated the graduation ceremony of 14 staff members who graduated from the Autism Capability Building Program

Today, we celebrated our third group of 14 graduates in our Autism Capability Building training program.  

An official graduation ceremony was held in our newly built conference room with graduates, managers and external stakeholders celebrating this occasion together. 

This training program is part of our partnership with Autism Tasmania, which was launched in June 2023. 

This seven-part program is led by Autism Tasmania and is part of our wider partnership to develop autism knowledge and skills across our whole organisation. 

“Nexus is already ahead of the game in getting optimal outcomes from staff and members of autistic community,” Autism Tasmania Professional Learning and Development Coordinator Jodie Denman said. 

“It’s wonderful to see an organisation that is so willing to invest in its staff,” she said. 

“The training and knowledge sharing across Nexus will provide life-changing benefits to clients.”

Nexus training officer Greg McKenna said the feedback from our third group was “just fantastic”.  

“This training program will enable our third group participants to implement their learnings in their daily personal and professional lives,” he said.

“With this amazing training, our past graduates have been able to ask different questions and they now can see through the lenses of Autism.” 

Thank you everyone for participating. 

Read all about the partnership between Nexus and Autism Tasmania here.