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Board Vacancies

Nexus is a community based organisation governed by a Board of seven volunteers.

There are two formal positions - the Chairperson and the Public Officer - with the remaining members not holding any particular portfolios.  At this point in time the Board does not operate subcommittees, but rather tries to theme meetings to take into account critical areas of Board governance.

The Board is a 'skills based' board, and membership is made up of people from a range of backgrounds including public policy, disability service, the law, finance and accounting, the media, commerce and allied health.  Each year the Board reviews its performance and composition and identifies areas where the Board would benefit from new input.  From time to time the Board also undertakes training on relevant governance issues.

The Board has 10 meetings each year - one of which is the AGM held during the day and another is a strategic planning day which normally runs for 6 hours on a weekend.  All other Board meeting are held on Monday night from 5.30pm to 8pm.

For further information contact the Nexus office on 6240 5000.

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