Community Access

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Our Community Access team works with clients to support them to engage with their communities. 

The Community Access team will ask you about the activities that you want to do and will make a plan to support you to do them. This could be anything from going to the local library or seeing a concert, right through to going on a holiday! 

We can arrange for staff to support you to attend one-off events, as well as provide support for ongoing activities like shopping or attending classes at school. 

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Michael's Story

Michael achieved his dream of playing cricket again with Nexus. He participated in a blind and low vision cricket game, organised by the Clarence City Council. It was a proud moment for Michael to play alongside players from the Blind Cricket Tasmania state team.  

Michael scored 21 runs and was very excited to tell his friends and family about this huge accomplishment, having not played cricket for many years.  

Nexus support worker supported Michael every step of the way. The pair did a warmup session before the game, and our support worker helped Michael to catch the ball and get to know the shape and feel of the ball in his hands.