Complex Support

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Our Nexus Complex and Individualised Support team (NCIS) work with clients of all ages who have a variety of high level or complex support needs.

The team are trained to provide trauma informed support and work with you and psychologists to implement a Positive Behaviour Support plan for you.


We know that everyone is different and we will support you to achieve your own goals. This can include supporting you to:

  • Actively engage in your own life
  • Access communities that are important to you
  • Try new activities and gain new skills that you are interested in
  • Find the best ways for you to be supported

Billy's Story

Billy has always been a fan of the water, enjoying two swims a week, but had never tried surfing. 

A Nexus Support Worker heard about an opportunity of assisted surf experience, through the volunteer-run Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) Tasmania. Our support worker knew Billy would love it! 

A look of sheer delight spread across Billy’s face when the beach lover had an experience, he never thought was possible. 

Our Support Worker said Billy’s excitement on the day was “unbelievable” and seeing him so happy gave her a few tears.