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Supporting life transitions and coordinating supports

We can assist you identify personal goals and plan ways to achieve them and coordinate services to get better long term results for you.  We know that big transitions, like leaving school or moving out of home can be difficult for people with a disability but we can help you plan for these unique and complex changes to ensure you get the supports you need and deserve.

Supported accommodation

Nexus is a major provider of supported housing (group homes). We tailor support to the needs of each person and cater for different ages, skills, health and needs. Each person has a key worker who helps them achieve their goals in an individualised way. We provide low care through to complex 24/7 support.  We create stimulating and enjoyable spaces where you are supported to be involved and enjoy your life.

Flexible and in-home residential support 

Nexus works to increase choice and flexibility in housing for people with a disability. We can provide support regardless of where you choose to live – in a family home, a share house, alone or in transitional housing. Nexus tailors our support to your needs and is happy to work with you to create innovative support arrangements.

FACT SHEET: Daily Living Supports - Accommodation


Community access 

Sometimes you might need a little more support to get out and about. Nexus helps you identify the type of activities you want to do and then we help you make it happen. Nexus has the staff to support regular outings like shopping or attending college through to one-off events like rock concerts or interstate travel.

Skill development 

Nexus enables you to develop greater control over your life by help you improving your skills and build your confidence. We can work with you, your family and other professionals to identify and learn the skills your need in your life.  Nexus helps people achieve change in many areas including literacy, budgeting, using transport, cooking, shopping, self-care, domestic tasks, numeracy, accessing the community and making friends.

FACT SHEET: Community Access and Daily Living Skills


Complex and Individualised Supports

People who have a need for support to live their lives have a basic right to be able to access appropriate services.  Sometimes the person’s disability means that they are complex to support; at Nexus we believe it is our role to design a service to support them.  We support a number of complex people who have difficult health, mental health and trauma backgrounds.  We ensure the support is safe for them and our staff by investing in behaviour support plans, staff training and considerable therapeutic input to a tailored program

FACT SHEET: Nexus Independent Living Program


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